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Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Tales From Coloms" Mademoiselle Kat X Azek - Festival BD 2016 Colomiers (31)

>>> Super cool collab' with Mademoiselle Kat ! Painting a big japanese poster for Ville de Colomiers comics festival! "Festival BD Colomiers" (31 - Toulouse area)
18, 19, 20 Novembre 2016 - Hall Comminges 


Festival BD Colomiers 2016
"Les promenades déssinées"
Espace urbain - Colomiers
du 18 au 20 novembre 2016 (visible toute l'année)
Samedi 19 et dimanche 20 novembre à 14h.
"Point info: Hall Comminges.
Pour découvrir l’ensemble des fresques réalisées dans Colomiers, rendez-vous pour une randonnée urbaine guidée par l’US Colomiers Athlétisme et un médiateur du Festival.
La BD et l'illustration contemporaine envahissent les murs de Colomiers : partez à la découverte de 4 fresques monumentales dans différents quartiers de la ville !"

>>> Here's the pictures/photos report:

Merci aux habitants du quartier, à Yoann et Amandine, l'equipe du festival bd, ville et mairie de Colomiers et partenaires 👍

Photos: ©️ Mademoiselle Kat, Azek one, B.Cki

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Instagram Feed (@azekone) 11-2016

Random places, styles and photos... Last works & more, check the captions and # :



Sunday, May 15, 2016

Team Glisse

Exposition / Group Show "Team Glisse" 2016 by City Of Talents @ Cabinet Rivet-Vigreux with Art Garonne
>Jusqu'au 12 juin au 24 rue ozenne 31000 Toulouse

Pour les 1 an de l'agence city of talents, nous réalisons une exposition de skates customisés par nos artistes et guests en collaboration avec l'association Art Garonne .
Pour avoir les informations sur les planches de skates, veuillez me contacter à cette adresse : ou par message privée.
L'exposition reste visible jusqu'au 12 juin au 24 rue ozenne 31000 toulouse.
Nous avons la possibilité de vous livrer les planches pour les. Collectionneurs n'habitant pas à toulouse.
City of talents.



Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bombing Science NEW Exclusive 2016 interview...

New exclusive 2016 interview (+pics) @ Bombing Science blog. Thanks guys! (english) 😎👌👊 
>>> Here>>>…/blog/viewThread/#AZEK

 Exclusive interview with AZEK from Toulouse.

Article courtesy of Sandi-O

For those that don't know you, who are you and what crews do you rep and how long have you been writing?
Azek from Toulouse, south west France. My crews are LEC (Lecrew) & CZ (ColomZoo), I'm also member of DSK (from Paris), LCF (Toulouse) & ASK (NYC) 
I've been writing since 1995.

How do you believe living in France has affected your graffiti, whether it is style, flow, color schemes, or just the way you think?
First of all it was the early influence from my city Toulouse, with guys like Soune, Tilt and Sike. Graffiti started around 1987/89 here. We can call it "french style" but it was also influenced by the basics from Paris witch came from New-York, Amsterdam, London...
I think living in France doesn't really affect my graffiti in any way, I'm more like multiculturalist and my graffiti reflect that a little bit. My style is something I can't really explain, it's a about a lot of paintings and freestyling, flow and color schemes could be premedited or not at all. I like to paint in very free conditions.

Graffiti seems to have taken you all around the world, what are some of your favorite places and why?
I'd like to say that but I have a lot more to do!! So many great places to visit are on my target.
One of my favourite places is without a doubt Montreal, I love how I feel so welcome...

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