Wednesday, September 15, 2010

American Freights - Boxcars - Autoracks ...

One of the things i love that much in graffiti is trains, nothing can test this energy. Particularly freight trains witch could travel throw many different cities and countries for a while... you know that's what's up !
So here's a little photos selection from some the best Flickr's benchers (all credits linked under pics), who ride the north-American yards to shot these awesome pieces, panels, whole cars from many dope graffiti writers and kings.
Please enjoy and take a look at their web pages and some of my Flickr fr8's galleries (linked at end of post).

STALK & SOKE by Train Champs Inc / All Kings Baby

ICH (whole car) by mightyquinninwky©™

Rail Heads by This Guy...™

Sueme + Hoser by everkamp

Geser Kems KemGes by Super V nyc

Azek Scan Kasp Sewk by WNY Freight Bench

Virus by Aerosol Fiends

Sneke by All Seeing

Tars by All Seeing

Sueme by All Seeing

Heat by 208 Bench

HSA(Kwest) by All Seeing

Kwest by 208 Bench

KND by True 2 Death

Jase by cranky messiah

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