Sunday, June 28, 2009

New York City - The Bronx

Step 7
May 2009 - North East America tour - w/ DaveFoto

6th piece
- New York City - The Bronx / USA (2/2)
with Sentwo
DaveFoto, Beond ...
many thanks !!!


> The Rooftop 2 & 5 line

Sen2 - Azek / Bronx NYC 2009





2 & 5 trains


Da Bakery - shouts out to Sen2, DaveFoto, Beond, who helped me so much makin' it happen. Peace n' respects

RIP Iz The Wiz


> NYC bonus pics

The Bronx

Stand clear of the closing doors please

BX by night

BX by night

Harlem 145th

Harlem roofs


Canal st


NBA 5th av.

Chrysler bldg & from Queens

Downtown - BK bridge by night


I want to thank everyone who helped me and shared so good vibes and feelings with me during the trip, specialy Mr DaveFoto !
Nuff'respect and big up to all my friends who helped me makin' it happen for real, feelin so welcome. Peace
DaveFoto, Sen2, Beond, Da Bakery, Mise, Kem & friends, Mark Bode, Enrico, Vilda, Zek, Senk,
Sewk, Scaner & friends, Kasper, Dfek
, Shok, Cyrus, Nesar, Maps, Nixon ...

One love to my girlfriend Elisa aka Stela who supported all of that !
My MOM (RIP) - My GrandMa (RIP)


Info: 1. Coming soon > the whole's trip's Video (work in progress)
2. New canvas' serie: summer 09'



lovedrips said...

great wall man
think it's one of your best
maybe is the bronx's inspiration!
big up

AZEK ONE said...

Thanks a lot man
yeaa i think you're right
so good feelings there !
big up

zacfenderbender said...

let me be real for a second, i have been inspired by you man. the sick arrows, the curving lines, just the general flow of all your pieces. im a big fan of your work and just wanted to know one thing have you done anything in NC?

AZEK ONE said...

Thank you, really appreciated
NC = North Carolina ?
Nope sorry i never went there, i hope one day :)


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