Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Videos Summary

Today i want to make a clear blog-post relating some of my featured videos i got and
used to link in my new website for the last update and new section.
So i think it wasn't a bad idea to make a clear post with the best ones ... "a little summary"
Here there are, please enjoy the selection! Thanks to all my friends who helped me for made it,
also the others who made it, and of course people and friends who are feature in !
I wanna thank you all for your support and your visits in the new website,
store and of course here in my blog.
Thanks a lot.

Stay true in da game ! Keep the real spirit alive

AZEK one

2009 -"MakinItHappen'Tour" Usa - Canada (full version 20mins)

2009 - LCN "T1Botch" 93 - St Denis - Paris

2008 - "RockTheParty" LEC-LCN-TWP... Toulouse

2007 - "TuluzNightmare" LCN-TN-LEC...(13mins) Toulouse

2003 - "WorldWild" Toulouse

2003 - "LECREW" Toulouse

2003 - "LEC" Kaize-Azek Toulouse

2001 - "Throw-Up" Azek Toulouse


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