Friday, June 1, 2012

Open Summer Jam Toulouse 2012

Last week end in da pink city with many many great writers from France, Europe and overseas.
A very good session, nice organisation by "Faute O Graff" - Thanks to Resone WB - Lcf - Vmd ...
Cheers to my old and new friends out there, real good vibes! Ya'll know.
Here's what I did and a lil' non exhaustive report of the event, photographies by Clem.C, Boo, Stela and myself. Cheeeeers from the south. A.

We (L) throwies:

Few steps of my stuff:


(click to see larger in flickr)

Dibo, Resone, Rpes, Fishe, Opium, Depon, Ogre, Azek, Zeus ... (Wb Tn Lec...)

(click to see larger from WBoyz's flickr)

Gomer, Pariz, Katre, Sheuda, Soer, Tonce, Seth ... (Lcf Clm...)

(closer look on Tonce's flickr + piece)

Demon, Trist, Kaize, Metro - (Lec Tn Apf Ter...)

Mezy, Does, Ja(fr), Chikita, Rezo, Katre, Cade, Den, Rekor, Coun, Okre, Lenz, Brok, Reks ...

Lenz, Brok: (Ter 3hc Tnb...)

(view larger on Brok's flickr)

Wild Boys - Zeus, Opium

Rokse: (Aak 6311...)

Does: (LL...)


Graffiti Rockerz - Mist, Tilt:

Gif' fun bonus ;):

(check some more on Faute O graff fb page)
+ Sike, Snake, Der, Grizz, Tober, Ramos, Geb, Spot, KoolT, Tras ...

Video by Benjamin LAPORTE - BLProd:



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