Friday, May 17, 2013

Open Summer Jam - Expo Mister Freeze - 2013 (photos)

This year's new edition of the "Open Summer Jam" took place over 3 days last week-end in Launaguet near Toulouse (France), including an awesome show in a giant space called "Mister Freeze", done with serious artists, locals and internationals like it is for the jam.

open summer jam 2013 - expo mister freeze

The new session brings together:
Corail, Hets, Danger, Chikita, Sike, Kool.T, Rusty, Dize, Yome, Reso, Zeus, Panks, Azek, Nes, Ekors, Antistak, Rens, Katre, Seth, Dashe, Pax49, Reks, Tilt, Mist, Rekor, Iwok, Lenz, Demon, Ja and many others ...
+ Expo Mister Freeze:
Dize, Poes, Reso, Zeus, Katre, Dashe, Der, Tilt, Mist, Lenz, Demon, Fenx, Geb, Gris1, L'Atlas, Di Rosa, Costa, Chamizo, François Bel.

Very cool session and organization, friends, staff and good public. We just needed a few more sunny days but it was okay. Thanks to you all! 

Check some more pictures for a large view from the both events:
(can't put everything, it's definitely huge!)

- In collaboration with StreetNColor blog, original post (+texte en français) : HERE -

"Open Summer Jam" 2013 :


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"Mister Freeze Exposition":


Vidéos Reso X Amaze : 

more infos / sources:
All City Blog / All City Blog
Graffiti Art mag

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